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Title Screen
Training #1 - Where Did He Get Those Trunks????
1st Fight - Apollo vs Rocky
Apollo Being Hit - Rocky With Different Trunks!!
Apollo Kissing The Floor
Rocky Wins!! But Where's The Blood???
Training #2 - Now Wearing Apollo's Trunks!
Clubber vs Rocky - DEAD MEAT!!
Come On, Balboa. Come On, Weakling!!
Come On, Get Up!
He Ain't Nothin'! I Told You He Ain't Nothin'
This Is Not The Rocky We Expected!
It's Absolutely Unbelievable!
The Italian Stallion Did It Again
The New Heavyweight Champ - Rocky Balboa!!
Training #3 - Wait A Minute, Micky is DEAD!!!!!!
Drago vs Rocky
This Seems To Be More Realistic
Get Up!! Get Up!!
Round 2 - They're EXHAUSTED!!
Rocky About To Be Killed
Rocky Starts A Reaction!
What A Fight!!!!
Both Fighters Are Tired
A Strong Uppercut By Drago
How Will Rocky Handle This??
He's Not Human! He's Like A Piece Of Iron!!
Rocky On The Floor For The 15th Time!!!!
Drago Wins!?!? Well, Not In The Movie...