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Sagaia Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Level 1
I've acquired a shield!
Fighting an end of level boss
It's a rocket attack!
Enemies often appear in great quantities
Warning! Enemy ship approaching fast...
Battling Alloy Lantern
Those rockets home in on you fast...
Select the next stage to play
A giant squid attacks!
A well guarded (and narrow) passageway
The gold colored shield is the most powerful available
A giant battleship!? An enemy is hiding beneath it...
Avoid the mega lasers...
Like other Darius games, the end of level bosses are all seafood...
Fight enemies beneath Earths oceans...
Shoot all of the enemy formation behind you to release a power up item
It's an all out attack from behind!
Enemies can attack from all directions...
Zone H; still no break in the action!
An end of level boss called Grand Octopus