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Sonic Blast Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

The big chaos emerald... split into several
The title screen, ported straight from Game Gear
Choose your character
Green Hill Zone, act 1
Look at the nice raytraced graphics
Doing a loop at a snail's pace
It is now possible to stand on top of trees
It is also possible to crouch down and accelerate on the spot
Finished act 1
On to the next level
Green Hill Zone, act 2
In one ring interval, you gain an extra life
Green Hill Zone, act 3
Robotnik defeated
Yellow Desert Zone, act 2
Nice animated background graphics
Sonic is sucked between the craters in the wall
Robotnik returns
The Robotnik sprite has nice animation
Red Volcano Zone, act 1
Watch out for the lava animal
Really nice background graphics
A nice gradient in the sky
It's called Red Volcano Zone for a reason
That's it, all your lives are up
Game over