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Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball Credits

Sega Interactive Development Division

Developed bySega Interactive Development Division
Lead programmerHideki A. Ikeda
Lead artistMichael Chung
Producer MSJohn C. Brandstetter
Producer GGJason Lewis
ProgrammersTerry Kirch, Frank E. Lucero, Hooell Monleon, Roy Pitchford, Alan Shapiro
ArtistsSandra B. Christensen, Larry Flores, Kevin Lee, Michael Tamura
Technical directorMichael Terlecki
Art DirectorMaureen Kringen
Musical compositionPaul Gadbois (music director), David Delia, Howard Drossin, Brad Scott Gish
Sound EffectsPaul Gadbois (music director), David Delia, Howard Drossin, Brad Scott Gish
Graphics utilitiesClaude Foucault, Alex Suzdaltsev
Multimedia supportFred Weimer, Steven Lashower
Gameplay consultationJack Loh
Physics consultationScott Gould
Special thanks toSteven Apour, John Duggan, James T. Tomasko, Chris Warner, everyone at Sega Technical Institute, Western Arcade, Ric Curtis (Big Dog), Bob Morrison, Kevin Lee, John Kuwaye, James Brandstetter, Brianna L. Lucero, Michael E. Klein, Tails

Sega of America

Product managerChrissie Huneke-Kremer
Gamegear marketingRobert Lindsey
Manager of testStephen Patterson
Lead testerMarc Dawson
Assistant lead testerStan Weaver, Gregg Vogt
Testers GGCrisi Albertson, Jennifer Brozek, Joe Cain, Ivan Foong, Lawrence Gibson, Rick Greer, Randall Hauser, Richie Hideshima, Darin Johnston, Jeffrey L. Loney, Ryan McLaughlin, Joanna Pataki, David Perkinson, Loran Pudinski, Sam Saliba, Kevin Seiter, Timothy Spengler, Mark Subotnick, Maria Tuzzo, Matt Underwood, Fernando Valderrama, Alex Villagran, Greg Watkins, David Wood, Bill Person, Greg Becksted, Brian Harp, Andrew Podesta

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