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TransBot (SEGA Master System)

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Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (40814)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2005
Platform  :  SEGA Master System

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The Good

Sega's TransBot is just another one of those side-scrolling shoot-em-ups that were all the rage before fighting games were introduced. You are the CA-214 (aka: TransBot), a new experimental astro-plane, and your mission is to destroy DALAUS, a computer that plans to create its own empire. Stopping TransBot from doing this will be a variety of enemies. You must shoot them with your gun, or five other weapons that you manage to collect simply by shooting the Arm Carrier that goes past after you have managed to take down several enemies, and retrieve the ? symbol. Two of these weapons turn you into a robot that carries the ultimate weapon.

The level of difficulty in the game varies depending on the weapon that you use. For example, weapon type "C" is more powerful than weapon type "A" or any other weapon, because when you fire, a huge sonar beam is emitted which can kill a group of enemies in one go and stop you from wasting bullets. This is why I developed my own strategy where in shoot-em-up games like TransBot, I normally stick to the best weapon that I have, and do not bother about getting new weapons during the game.

The graphics are nice. I like how TransBot is drawn, although there is no animation when he changes from plane to robot. During the game, you mostly travel on a black background, as Sega is trying to convince you that you are flying through space. The landscape looks excellent, consisting of mountains, construction sites in the distance, moon surfaces, and the like. Your enemies are also good and move around their own ways including appearing on the screen from the left, and some of them bounce around the screen and follow you wherever you go.

The Bad

Playing Transbot is so boring. Since I started playing the game, I have managed to rack up 202,740 points, yet I had been shooting the same enemies for about an hour. Furthermore, the landscape never changed to indicate that I am one step closer to the boss. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to look for gaps in the landscape so that I can go down those gaps? I found a cheat for this game that allows you to fly through an underground area, but is this really necessary to complete the game?

The Bottom Line

To me, this game is a little frustrating due to the reasons that are discussed in "The Bad" section. The game can be a bit challenging at times.

Rating: *½