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Trivial Pursuit Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Language selection
Start of a new game. It is going to be the epic battle of Beele, Moby, and Games playing.
Options screen with all the game settings
First of the mark is Beele
And I rolled a 2.
Now where should I go? Black outlines show me the options.
Gone with “Science and Nature”, now for the question. The snail at the top indicates how much time I have to answer.
When time is up I get the answer and have to be truthful if I answered it correctly or not (so easy to cheat). In this case it’s a no.
Oh well.
Well Moby go the first one right. Way to go Moby.
Moby landed on a throw again space.
Moby won a wedge on the first shot. Wow, he is so much better player then me.
The wedge appears on the players token.
Landing in the middle allows the player to select the topic.
Some of the questions have a musical tune with them that is needed to answer the question.
Some the questions use a visual aid that is needed to help answer the question.
After a while the question asker starts questioning if you are cheating if too many Yeses in a row.
Well done to Moby who won the game with a clear margin.
This is the stats of Moby playing by himself. Showing the tokens got and the percentage of questions correct in each category.