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Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen showing all the gang.
Choose to start a new game or enter a password to continue a previous one.
A bit of background...
Here it all starts...
Mônica must choose the right path in the maze...
That guy just lost his head.
Mônica wonders what lies behind the door.
The Dragão Gospe Fogo!
Mônica has defeated the dragon, but Capitão Feio sent that ghost to kidnap her!
Chico Bento to the rescue!
Statistics and inventory screen.
Chico Bento foud the key to escape the castle.
The castle crumbled... the subtitle says "Land of Monsters".
At the church Chico will get his first password.
Chico's underwater.
Those chests keep precious items.
A secret store, Cascão is the shop keeper.
At this store you can buy new weapon and armor.
Franjinha is the doctor, if you need healing, talk to him.
It's raining fire!
Don't know if it is ok to take a nap underwater!
What's that, a new kind of dance?
Those sunflowers throw fireballs at you.
Chico at the top of the pyramid
Chico about to unveil the sphinx's enigma.
Chico's first boss. Hey, he just loves to hunt armadillos!
Game over.