Zillion 2: Tri Formation Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

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SEGA Master System version

The "Get Ready" Screen
Round 1
Noza Warrior
An unidentified flying object
Jumping on the bike
Avoid the pulsating areas on the floor
The round exit
Round 2
Using the elevator to go to another floor
"What's a pretty little girl like you doing in a dangerous place like this?"
Oblivion Platoon Captains
Round 3
Blown to bits...
That robot looks much bigger than you
Round 4
Ducking under a flying object
Radjian Defense Leader
Round 5
Using the Armorator
Noza Warrior flying around in his hovercar
Round 6
Allevia Suprese
Round 7
Round 8
Noza Warrior rising from the surface
Balls are thrown at you
Baron Rick