Advanced V.G. Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Yuka looks... determined
Can't we just... you know... get along?..
Introducing the characters: the obligatory "mature woman"...
...the equally obligatory "intellectual woman"...
...and the even more obligatory "little spoiled annoying brat who is nevertheless seen as a sex object by the Japanese"
What do you want? Go clean the floor :)
Vs mode. Selecting the players
Ouch, that was mean...
Don't worry about the skirt, girl. It's just a DEMO!
"Normal" mode
The confrontation...
The bunny is about to strike! :)
Funny loading screen
Chiho cries in pain as the little treacherous Manami kicks her
Note the hanging monkeys :)
Jun defeats Yuka. Ouch. That must hurt...
The story mode begins with this cut scene