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Cyberia Credits

For Interplay Japan

ProducersShanti Bergel, Dennis M. Miller
Japan Development ManagerTakeshi Minagawa
Japan Business DevelopmentTravis Millman
MarketingAiko Kataoka
Quality AssuranceHiroshi Takano, Naoto Watanabe, Takashi Kakeya, Kenichiro Ishizaki, Kanichi Ishida

Special Thanks

Localization CoordinatorJulian Ridley
International Marketing ManagerTamera De Gennaro
ManualKenji Yoshida, Masayuki Sekiya, Mika Sato
AdministrationMika Sumita


Technical DirectorColin Mack
ProgrammersKory Hopkins, Hideki Taniyama, Shinobu Kamii

Original PC Version » For Xatrix

DirectorDrew Markham
Project ManagerFranck De Girolami
ProducerJoan Wood
Art DirectorRobert Stahl
Computer AnimationBarry Dempsey
Technical DirectorsBarry Dempsey, Michel Royer
Director of Digital & PhotographyJason Kaehler
Real Time IntegrationAugust Johnston
Lead ProgrammerPierre Schiro
3D ModelingJason Kaehler, August Johnston
LightingBarry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler
AnimationBarry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler, August Johnston
Character AnimationTodd Gantzler, George Karl
Map PaintingRobert Stahl, Claire Praderie, August Johnston, Drew Markham
2D AnimationClaire Praderie, Ronnie Joe Blackburn, August Johnston, Mathew Beane, Drew Markham
Human Character & Articulation EngineJohn P. Ornelas Jr.
ProgrammersFranck De Girolami, Pierre Schiro

For Headspace

ComposersThomas Dolby, Mike Kapitan
Sound EffectsAlberto Garcia
Sound MixerClif Brigden

For Interplay

ProducerAli N. Atabek
Associate ProducerPaul Kellner

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (204317)