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D Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Opening exposition
The murderous doctor himself
Title screen
Laura enters the hospital
Immediately after entering the hospital, Laura proceeds to touch a floating, reflective blog
The blog whisks Laura off to this dining room
Laura sees a glowing beetle on the floor
The glowing beetle triggers a painful D-related flashback
The door is locked-- whatever shall I do?
There is a wall of spikes on the other side of the room
Step over the line and the spikes will come for you, mostly as a warning as Laura survives the encounter
Even the mirror is alive in this place
This is Laura's hint compact in her inventory
The compact providing valuable hints
There's a scrap of paper in the dresser -- no doubt a clue
Laura walks in on an impaled skeleton
A puzzle involving a mechanical box with numbers, akin to a slot machine
The ever-ticking watch in your inventory; if it reaches 5pm, you're out of time and out of luck
The clock hit 5pm
Wouldn't you like to try again?
Creepy hand
I don't want go this stairs...
Locked door