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Dark Savior Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Intro ~ Other bounty hunters accompany Garian, the main character, to the dock where the prison ship lies.
Intro ~ Garian awakes in his cabin from a bad dream. Shortly afterwards, the alarm sirens go off as Bilan breaks out of his carbonite cage...
Intro ~ Garian has to make it to the captain's cabin. The player takes control of Garian in this playable intro.
Intro ~ Depending on what time Garian needs to get to the cabin will affect the storyline...
Parallel I ~ When Garian reaches the captain's cabin in greater than 4:30 minutes, Bilan will manage to kill the captain and his crew and escape from the ship.
Intro ~ Arriving at the captain's cabin between 3:30 and 4:30 minutes, Garian will have to fight and defeat Bilan...
Parallel II
... losing the fight with Bilan in the captain's cabin, Garian arrives in the flat-line area between life and death...
... where he has to beat ten fighters from the game in a row, with only two bars of life. Succeeding in this task will be rewarded with a video movie - Parallel V.
Intro ~ Getting to the cabin in under 3:30 minutes, Garian and the captain can lock the cabin door. Bilan escapes from the ship and heads to Jailer's Island...
Parallel III
Intro ~ The ship arrives at Jailer's Island.
Parallel I ~ The port of Jailer's Island.
Parallel I ~ Kay, the Lavian woman ninja, lands in the Death Valley.
Parallel I ~ J.J. City. Dunbar challenges Garian to a fight.
Parallel I ~ "Winner" - Garian can take some of his opponents captive. Once captured the player can choose to send a captive into battle in place of Garian.
Parallel I ~ Warden Kurtliegen's Research Lab.
Parallel I ~ The Death Valley.
Parallel I ~ The Death Valley is an eerie place - even dead flesh is taking shelter on trees!
Parallel I ~ In your face, you evil teddy bear!
Parallel I ~ ... ok, I guess he doesn't really like to be called like that...
Parallel I ~ Passage to the JLO Headquarters.
Parallel I ~ Once upon a time there was a man. And as he stood on a treetop holding aloft a bar of chocolate, he wondered which moron had designed this kind of food storage...
Parallel I ~ In the loft of Deadman's Castle, above Kurtlingen's Research Lab, Garian finds Kay hanging from the ledge...
Parallel I ~ Where is the big bad wolf when you really need him?
Parallel I ~ References to the different parallel storylines are scattered throughout the game.
Parallel I ~ Down in the sewers. My mom will ground me for weeks if I soil my armor!
Parallel I ~ Climbing up to the very top of the mining area.
Parallel I ~ Mining area. Haute couture: Spikeballs in lava levels dress in orange, balls in the swamps clothe themselves in ... of course, green spikesuits.
Parallel I ~ Mining area: The liquid nitrogen will instantly kill any living creature. But who is possessed by Bilan: the Warden or Lance? (Lance is further up the stairs, hence not on the screenshot)
Parallel I ~ Lavian Ruins. The ruins are divided into several sections that can be traversed by solving different puzzles.
Parallel I ~ Lavian Ruins. Garian vs. Lavian Guard.
Parallel I ~ Underground City.
Parallel I ~ Underground City. Depending on the decisions made ("liquid nitrogen"), the plot changes.
Parallel I ~ In front of the Silver Castle. Blue roses can be found along Kay's route. They serve as some kind of holographic transmitter.
Parallel I ~ The Bounty Hunter Handbook lists all captured opponents, among other things.
Parallel I ~ Stairs up to the final battle of the first parallel story.
Parallel I ~ Final battle against Bilan (right) and M-Bilan (left).
Parallel I ~ After completing a given parallel, Garian once again wakes up in his cabin and the story starts over...