Defcon 5 Credits


ProducerToby Simpson
DesignChris Elliot, Ian Saunter, Andrew Kennedy, Toby Simpson
ProgrammingTim Closs, Ashley Thwaites, Peter Marshall, Dean Ashton, Marcus Whitlock, Toby Simpson, Julian Rex
Additional ProgrammingMark Stamps, Mike Ball, James Busby, Paul Donovan
Saturn Programming CompletionAlan McCarthy
Art DirectionAndrew Kennedy, Mark Rafter
Introduction ModellingRobin Chapman
Image ProcessingSteve Loughran
Game GraphicsSteve Teague, Dave Mee
3D DesignAndrew Kennedy, Mark Whitrow
Additional Game GraphicsSteve Loughran, Alan Brand
Background text and Tyron documentsBen Simpson
Text and Script EditorJim Hawkins
CastingChris Homer
Casting AgencyRhubarb
Make‑upNatalie Hughes
CostumesAngels & Bermans
CastJack Cloake, Gia Milinovich, Martin Muncaster, Michael Harbour, Billy J. Mitchell, Gary Hope, Mike O'Malley, Elizebeth Uter
Title MusicChris Homer
In Game MusicAndrew Barnabas
Audio and Video ProductionChris Homer, Peter Murphy, Tom Oswald
Sound EffectsGraeme King, Andrew Barnabas, Peter Murphy
Audio Post ProductionPeter Murphy
Quality Assurance ManagerRichard Edwards
Lead Quality Assurance TesterBen Simpson
Quality AssuranceTom Oswald, Stuart Saunders, Jim Archer, Dean Miller

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evilhead (1182)