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Doukoku Soshite... Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Intro: the hero in the bus, on his way home...
Most of the intro is done with in-game graphics: still images.
You have a first taste of what will await you in the game.
No highlighted objects, no "smart cursors"; pretty hardcore point-and-click adventure interface
Close-up on objects you are inspecting.
You really have to be precise with the cursor-moving to find necessary items.
Using an inventory item on an object. Apparently, using a flashlight on a keyhole brings no results.
And that's how we finally found the key.
Uh-oh... blood on the floor...
Outside of the rooms, the navigation is isometric.
Boiler room
Meeting Kannazawa. An old pervert or a murderer? Or both?
Talking to your teacher on the stairs.
Flashback from the past
The three interrogation signs mean the room hasn't been explored yet.
Talking to two girls at once.
Right. Physical work to do!
On, off, on, off... how should I know which way is correct?
Your immediate goal is to take that gum away from her shoe, but you take your time and... ahem... explore.
At least he didn't forget how to write hiragana while he was bleeding...
Mysterious portrait. Who lived in this mansion?
Eureka! Super Mario would be proud.
One of the many choices in the game. To watch or not to watch?
You've made your choice... but was it a worthy one?
There is no explicit nudity in the game, but it comes close