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Guardian Heroes Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
The knights are coming. Let the fun begin.
Gameplay pic 1
Gameplay pic 2
A frame from the opening FMV movie, hence the compression artifacts.
The grave yard area
While primarily a beat-'em-up, Guardian Heroes also offers a classic one-on-one fighting mode.
Intro - Randy and companion
Intro - these guys look a little goofy
Character stats are viewable during the game
The Golden Warrior will be fighting by your side.
At the end of a stage, you can distribute points.
Some dialogue.
Depending on the choices made, different stages will be played.
I went to the forest.
Fighting a giant plant..thing.
Depending on progress in story mode, the number of available characters for playing in versus mode increases.
6 player/CPU match
Boss fight late in the game
Rise from your grave!
Kanon explains the eternal struggle between spirits
Chaotic brawl. Don't forget to block
Kanon uses magic
You can give commands to the Undead warrior
Battle in the castle
These green dudes are summoned by earth spirits
You can upgrade Han's skills to the extreme if you know which route to choose in the game
The camera can zoom out pretty far
Approaching thieves' den
Fighting some robot boss