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Johnny Bazookatone Credits

49 people (45 developers, 4 thanks)

An Arc Developments and U.S. Gold Production

Published byU.S. Gold
Based on an Original Idea byCraig Davison
Programming TeamChris Coupe (aka Chibsy), Leigh Davies, Derrick Owens, Dan Thomas, Kieren Gracie, Adrian Smith, Mark Dow, Richard Underhill
Graphics TeamPaul Walker, David Percival, Darren Wakeman, Martin Povey, Carl Entwistle, Dan Cook, Attila Róth, Gaz Tonge, Patrick Toner, Neil Pettitt
Design and MappingPatrick Toner, Rich Carless
Music and SFXAndi McGinty
Music ProductionDes Tong
GuitaristMike Hehir
SaxophonistChris Davis (Snake)
Test TeamRichard Hancock, Craig Jarvis, John Story, Adrian Bolton
ProducerKen Lockley
Special ThanksGeoff Brown, Byron Nilsson, N. Ishihara, James Farnhill

Credits (US Manual)

ProducerFrank Hom
Team Q ABrian Schorr, Daniel Wong, Danny Lam, Mike Schmitt, Ricky Chow (as Rickey Chow), Steve Dreo, Tom Marx
Team MarketingFrank Alizaga ("SWANKY"), John Lee, Mary Lynn Slattery, Sean Mylett
Creative ServicesKelly Lindlar, Lee Wilkinson, Sutton Trout

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (340281)