Lemmings 3D Credits

Saturn Version

ProducerLeon Walters
Licensing DirectorIan A. Grieve
Licensing co‑ordinatorSuzanne McGlynn
Third Party LiaisonLiz Sumner
Quality AssuranceGary Nichols, David Parkinson
Manual and Packaging DesignSega Europe
Thanks to...Greg Duddle, Cassandra Beyer

Saturn Version Developed by Perfect Entertainment

ProducerColin Fuidge
Saturn ProgrammersChris Waterworth, Manjit Ghataora, Ian Abbott
Quality AssuranceMatt Stamps
Additional GraphicsDavid Swan, Warren Hawkes

Original 3D Lemmings Team

2D Graphics and AnimationNeil Casini
3D Modelling and AnimationRobert Matthews
Original Lemming ModelsPeter Grayley
Support ProgramsAndrew M. Brechin
Level DesignAndrew M. Brechin, Neil Casini, Martin Hall, James Thomas
Music, Speech and Sound EffectsPC Music
Senior ProducerGreg Duddle
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
Product ManagerDavid Dyett
Public RelationsMark Blewitt
Play TestingClockwork Games, Simon Bagshaw, Matt Geeson, Sam Geeson, Andrew Green, Mick Malysz, Gary Nichols, David Parkinson, Paul Stone
Special Thanks ToCraig Duddle, Harry Holmwood, Jan Putnam, Jason Scott, Paul Tebbutt, Leon Walters
Extra Special ThanksGreg Duddle
Manual and Packaging TextDamon Fairclough


Game Based on Original Characters Created byDMA Design
Clockwork Games areAndrew M. Brechin, Neil Casini, Martin Hall, Robert Matthews, Robert Rawson, James Thomas

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (152050)