Lemmings 3D Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

An intro shot.
The title screen. This one runs in some odd resolution, so there is a line or two missing.
You need to complete all the practice levels before advancing to the fun part of the game.
When running on a US Saturn this screen will be missing a large chunk at the bottom.
In practice mode the game allows you to view a solution to any given level.
...it also includes some friendly reminders all over the map.
Introducing the para-lemmings!
Level complete!
The game sure has a lot of loading in it - prepare to see this screen a lot.
The game performs admirably on Saturn.
Lemmings 3D lost much of its charm due to an overcomplicated control scheme.
Some levels are just plain ugly.
I guess someone just ran out of ideas for textures.
These spring-traps will catapult lemmings all over the level.