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Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu.
Funny how this looks like a badass...
...and this too. But let's face it, Mega Man is kinda of a pansy.
Option mode.
And right off the bat, we get all this beautiful coloring.
Like a true Olympic Gold Medal winner.
The Agony of Pain. Could make a beautiful painting.
Let's face it Doc... it wasn't THAT secret, c'mon.
Now Loading.
And now we can actually choose where we save... and then probably hit another loading screen for saving... and another for restarting the game... ENOUGH.
Now here's where the fun begins.
Couple of enemies just... worming... their way through.
I guess weapon and item selection feels a bit more natural this time around.
And speaking of Evangelion... 'Slide if you wanna win'...
An actual futuristic snowboard.
In your face. The attention to detail is great. Having Mega Man animate while bombs explode on his face just looks beautiful.
Now they're just getting to a point of too much ridiculousness when it comes to naming the bosses.
You bet I'm ready, let 'em come.
Mega Man ain't scared of no birds.
In fact, he even looks kinda sleepy inside this boring floating bubble.
Wait, did I just step on some dog poop!
Reminiscent enemy from Rocket Knight Adventures?
I just hate clowns.
And evil killing toys are even worse.
I'm outta here guys! JERONIMOOOOOOOOOOO!