Mortal Kombat II Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

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SEGA Saturn version

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Climbing the mountain
Uppercut during shadow kick
Explosive move
Devastating Punch
Kitana is not a fan of Baraka
Non-Scorching Fireball
Frozen in mid-air
Sub-Zero bounces up from a Raiden slam
Get over here!
Toasty uppercut
Acid and spear hit at the same time.
Hat toss.
Kung Lao chucks Jax
Jax slams Kung Lao
Shadow kick interrupted again
Kung Lao aims Mileena at Sonya
You have to stand farther apart to land a punch.
Back body drop
Kintaro's Yell knocks Scorpion off his feet
Shao Kahn getting an idea.
Cheat Screen