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Off-World Interceptor Credits (31 people)

Off-World Interceptor Extreme Credits

ProducersTim Roberts, Bill Mitchell
Product ManagerJim Curry
ProgrammersLloyd Pique, Brian Brandt, Adrian Longland, Mei-yu Li
Additional ArtSteve M. Suhy, Andy Mitchell
Additional SoundsSteven S. Henifin, Susan Michele
Video CompressionDan Brazelton, Leland Susser, Matthew Alexander
Additional Game Design and Level Planning by BlamJay Minn, Jeronimo Barrera
Special Thanks toGreg Marquez (for Technical Assistance)
Test ManagerBen Szymkowiak
Lead TesterGerald Vera
Assistant Lead TesterCaroline Esmurdoc
TestersEdward Chennault, Scott Hill, Bill Mitchell, Lawrence Monji, Alex Ness, Kenny Reeves, Kevin Seiter, Eric Simonich, Jeff Todd, Serguei Savtchenko, Richard D'Aloisio
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw

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Credits for this game were contributed by HelloMrKearns (15221)