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Policenauts Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Jonathan: "It's unlocked. Come in!"
Jonathan & Redwood inside the spaceplane.
Cop: "It's an acronym for 'Extravehicular Mobility Police Suit'"
The masked bomber.
Ed: "Jonathan? Jonathan Ingram?"
Meryl: "No, it's a paint tattoo. I got it from a FOX-HOUND instructor."
Victor: "Hey, aren't you Ingram, the famous astronaut?"
Gatse: "Tokugawa left the BCP 20 years ago. He's now the third president of Tokugawa Group."
Chris Goldwin, the director of the BCCH
Ed: "Ms. Karen?"
Guard: "State your business!"
Ishida: "Mr. Hojo? What happened to him?"
Jonathan: "It's been awhile, Sadaoki."
Anna: "Oh, Jonathan?! Welcome! Why don't you come in?"
Meryl: "That was really easy. I'm just too good for the Vice Squad."
Dave at the shooting range.
Redwood: "The guys here are all my friends, except for you two. Therefore I don't have to answer you anything."
Ed: "The junkie has already stabbed his own wife with a knife."
Ed: "We're overdoing it! Any suggestions?"
Jonathan, Ed and Meryl are standing by.
Jonathan remembers Lorraine.
Karen takes aim at Jonathan.
Jonathan is ready for action.
A close-up of the Goddard EMPS.