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The Psychotron Credits

45 people (36 developers, 9 thanks)


WriterRick Gonzalez
ProgrammerRick Gonzalez
DirectorRick Gonzalez
Produced byRobert Cox
Video DirectorTom Henning, Henning Productions
3D AnimationCody A. Davis
Music byKurt Otto
Additional Programming byTim Donnelly, Asad Khan
StarringRandy Stripling (as Darin Bird), Ellen Casey (as Jerry Rivers), Tom Byrne (as Mitchel Stone), Colom Keating (as Yuri Ravitch), Mimi Terry (as Amber Knight), Shannon Sedwick (as Mable Gunther), Jim Grissom (as Noman Gunther), Tim Mateer (as JimBob Gunther), Bill Johnson (as Phil D'Amico), Steve Shearer (as Vinny Serado), Fred Ellis (as Jimmy Caparelli), David Kroll (as Steve Knight), Paul Pedrazza (as Richard Marx), Steve Ross (as Reporter), Keith Kelly (as Sergie Eistonovitch)
Sound byMac Melson
Chief AssistantRichard Veteikis
PhotographyRobert Cox
Location ScoutCaroline Brock
Production AssistantDarin Bird
Poker ConsultantCam Waltz
TestingStephen Scott, Jeffrey Kotch, Evan Cox, Andrew Cox, Spencer Cox, Richard Binkley, Gametest Inc.
Special Thanks toAutotest Co., Paul Warner, Dudley Hays, Gerry Gebheim, The State of Texas, The Texas Film Commission, Actors Clearing House, Roll Call, SRK Technologies
InVision InteractiveSEGA SOUND LIBRARY BY Invision Interactive Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (363251)