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Tokyo Fan (Mar 01, 1997)
Although the gameplay is simplistic on each of these games, they are ideal for those times you want something less cerebral. Just slap the CD in, switch on and engage in mindless blasting or driving - and you will return to them time after time. This is really top nostalgia, and a must for anyone who remembers the 'good old days.'
The Video Game Critic (May 01, 2007)
The eye candy is abundant as roadside scenery like palm trees and ancient ruins scale by and the road undulates smoothly. The road branches at regular intervals, adding a little variety. Most memorable however is when your car crashes and flips, sending you and your girl tumbling with it! Despite the fact that it's one-player only and lacks the bonus materials, I really enjoyed Sega Ages. With their simple, "twitch" brand of gameplay, these titles will keep you coming back to beat your high scores.
Joypad (Dec, 1996)
Contrairement aux Namco Museum qui vous proposent des carrés et des boules, vous avez là enfin des jeux, certes vieux, mais consistants. Space Harrier, Outrun et Afterburner, le grand rêve de chaque joueur d'arcade, un tant soit peu nostalgique. LA meilleure compilation mise sur le marché à ce jour, toutes consoles 32 bits confondues !

95% for nostalgics, 85% for others
Hobby Consolas (Feb, 1997)
La recopilación en conjunto, como todo mix de viejas glorias, agradará más a los jugones veteranos, lo cual no significa que no sea capaz de divertir al resto...
Ten years ago I would have given away a major limb to own any of these three games. These days, maybe a finger or a toe. The major good news here though is the faithfulness to the arcade originals - never before on a home format have there been versions to come as close. Yes, they were and still are classics, although to the younger gamer who has never heard of these titles before, you should try before you buy. By today's standards the gameplay is basic, even repetitive, but for those of you who, like me, dreamed of owning these machines, get this disc! The addictiveness of these games is still there! Roll on the next compilation please.
Space Harrier introduced the world to the trademark Sega 'into-the-screen' shooting style that would later be used in several other Sega arcade titles. Players enter the 'Phantom Zone' where they assume control of their hovering on-screen persona as he flies into the screen, blasting oncoming objects, and moving in eight directions -- up-and-down, side-to-side, and at diagonals. Enemies range from funky Easter Island-esque stone heads and giant dragons. In Outrun, arcade-goers hopped behind the controls of a Ferrari Testarosa for a timed race to the finish line. Not only the first racing game to feature branching paths to the finish, but the first to let you choose your driving tunes prior to starting the race. The same is true here.
I have not mentioned above how these compare with the Saturn versions. Well, no need, whatever you played in the arcade, you'll play on the Saturn. These ARE the machines on one CD. The Saturn (well known for its sprite capabilities) has no problems emulating the games (although they are not actually emulated, but written from scratch). All music is streamed from CD and each game is loaded in one go. But beware, if you are a young gamer, the lack of polygons and hard gameplay may put you off, but if you were there, queueing up for your go on Outrun, spend that cash of yours .... NOW!
Mega Fun (Jan, 1997)
Betrachtet man die drei Games unter rein objektiven Kriterien, so sorgen die Arcade-Hits von “damals“ höchstens für Lacher. Doch das wäre hier sicher unangebracht, zumal die Spiele zu ihrer Zeit Maßstäbe setzten. Und schließlich werden sich sowieso nur die etwas älteren Freaks für diese Scheibe interessieren, die in die Originale früheren (glorreicheren?) Tagen ihr Taschengeld investiert haben. Für den Zocker, der mit der Zeit geht und sein sauer verdientes Geld nur in modernes Medien-Entertainment (Oho!) stecken möchte, macht die Anschaffung von Sega Ages wohl weniger Sinn. Nostalgiker jedoch, die sich mit Tränen in den Augen der alten Zeiten ihrer Sandkastenphase entsinnen, werden sich den staubigen Dreierpack mit Freude an Land ziehen.
A couple more games would've helped greatly, but these three are golden.
GamePro (US) (Nov, 1997)
While it's certainly a rush to get behind the wheel of that red convertible in Outrun or to go head-to-head against wave after wave of enemy fire in Afterburner 2 or Space Harrier, the truth is that these games simply don't hold up as well as other "classics" in the modern age. They all have their strong points, but lack those special qualities that make certain games forever great.