Sega Rally Championship Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

The title screen of the Saturn version - right off the bat notice the odd resolution - 352x256!
A neat shot from the demo play - grabbing some air!
The main menu
Arcade mode selection - not much of a choice, huh.
Car selection - again, it's basically two cars. Each comes in Automatic or Manual transmission flavors.
The loading screen into the Desert area
About to begin my championship race.
Drifting around a corner on a mud track.
The graphics are quite nice in the Saturn version.
Grabbing massive air.
Overtaking more AI goons.
More desert niceness
Yey! I actually completed a race!
In championship mode you have no hope of finishing the first race anywhere close to the leading position.
Forest loading screen
When racing in Practice mode, both, your and your opponent's cars are well textured.
In championship mode, however, the opponents are nearly flat-shaded.
Going through a tunnel.
The grass doesn't slow you down if you drive straight through it, but will make you spin out if you try drifting.
Close encounters of the flat-shaded kind.
Showing off the flat backgrounds.
The town area is as pretty as it is brutal.
Getting run off the road by the opponent.
Another tunnel - this time a small one
Drifting on some mountain roads.
Those houses are catastrophically not to scale... either that or you are racing in the Shire!
Whoops... I lose.
Entering my initials.
A testament to my suckage