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Shining Force III Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title-screen of the PAL-Version
A burning castle (Intro)
On the battle-map
The typical "Shining"-fairy
An enemy emerges from the flames (Intro)
It's the opponent's turn
A back-attack is always favorable
The big polygonal models are only seen in close-up battles
Deflecting fire with a shield (Intro)
This attack was blocked
Preparing for a critical hit
The hero of the game stands ready (Intro)
In the church you can save or revive fallen party-members
A spell in the works (Intro)
The camera can be freely moved around inside a city
The flying monster hovers ominously above the ground (Intro)
The inhabitants often have useful information to offer
Running away (Intro)
The trading post is always open for merchants
Luckily, the gate isn't locked
Big CG-portrait (Intro)
Let's hope for him that his dad made it ...