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Shinobi Legions Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Introduction - The Moon
Our Hero!!!
Kill The Bastards!
Anyone Else?
Nice Fire Effects
Shin Shinobi Den Main Menu
Stage 1 Start Screen
Starting Point
See The Blood!!
They Comes From Everywhere
Nice Position Huh?
Brake the Lights To Get Hidden Items
Different Kind Of Ninjas
Take That Sword!!
Power Up!!!!
Using The Devastating Power
Nice Variety Of Moves
This Guy Has Eyes In His Back!
Split'em In Half!!
He Can Run...
Meet The 1st Level Boss
Avoid Those Fire Columns
This One Has Gone!
Level 2 Starting Point
Climbing The Trees
Fire-Breathing Enemy! Be Careful
Facing Several Ninjas At The Same Time
The Fuji Mountain!! Awesome Background
Here Comes The 2nd Level Boss
Have I Finished Him? I Don't Think So...
Running Through The Gate
Destroy Those Blue Eyes Before They Kill You
Finish Him!!!!
Stage Clear Screen
Level 3 Starting Point - Different Enemies
The Sword Is More Powerful Than A Bazooka
This Enemy Is HUGE!
Anyone Else?
Level 3 Boss
Finish Him!!
Movie Sequences Between Levels
Level 4 Starting Point
Come And Get Some
Continue?? Of Course!!!!!!!