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Spot Goes to Hollywood Credits

52 people (51 developers, 1 thanks)


Game DirectorMark W. J. Kelly
Executive ProducerMark W. J. Kelly
Programming TeamHeather Barclay, Jerod M. Bennett, Stuart Gregg, Mark W. J. Kelly
Art TeamJeffrey Berting, Jeanne Brinker, Jacqueline Joanne Corley, Ray Huerta, Mila Kelly, Martin McDonald, Patrick Moran, Molly Talbot, Jennifer Terry, Michael Witt, Perry Zombolas
Design TeamJared Brinkley, Mark W. J. Kelly, Martin McDonald, Tom Rademacher, Jon Williams
Additional Design IdeasChris Bauer, Chris Harvey, Julian Rignall
Director of AudioKeith Arem
Flick MusicKeith Arem
Sound EffectsKeith Arem
Audio Department CoordinatorDavid Fries
Additional Sound DesignJoey Kuras, Mical Pedriana
Director of VideoRobb Hart
Video SupportLou Chagaris, Jeff Gordon
Executives in Charge of BurstNeil Young, Christopher D. Yates
Concept ArtJulian A. Moran
Additional ThanksTom Bernardo
QA DirectorDavid Maxey
QA Administrative & Planning AnalystChris McFarland
QA Group SupervisorStacey Mendoza
QA TeamGlenn Burtis (Lead Analyst), Nick Camerota, Greg Corzine, Robert Dearborn, David Johnson, Jason Lewis, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Chris Nelsen, Stuart Roch, Paul Shoener, Rob Smith
QA Technical SpecialistPaul Moore
Vice President of MarketingRussell Kelban
Director of MarketingJane Gilbertson
Product ManagerNancy Feiner
Editorial ManagerLisa Marcinko
Director of ProductionGail Hetland

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21710)