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Ten Pin Alley Credits (55 people)

For Adrenalin Entertainment

Executive ProducerJay Smith
ProducerMark Alan Miller
Game DesignIan McIntosh, J. David Ray, Alan O'Brien, Ofer Estline, Alex Shatsky, Mark Alan Miller
Saturn ProgrammerNathan Mates
Additional ProgrammingJ. David Ray, Ofer Estline, Alex Shatsky
Physics ModelJay Smith, Mark Alan Miller
Lead Artist and Character DesignIan McIntosh
Lead AnimationAlan O'Brien
Saturn Art Conversions And Additional ArtMatthew Dana Heller
Character AnimationBernie Petterson
Model BuilderBen Lazarro
Backgrounds and Additional ArtBernie Petterson
Sound Design and MusicPeter Kerekes
Animation Sound EffectsGreg Shaw
Lounge Jukebox MusicEric Speier
Rock Jukebox MusicKiller Tracks
Video EditingJeff McNurlin
Adrenalin Software DirectorAnthony L. Farmer
Adrenalin Art DirectorBonnie L. Hammer
Bowling AdvisorsLarry Vezina, Daniel Speranza
Very Special ThanksGeorge Degolian, Randy Eubanks, Susan Monsell-O'Brien, Christine Petterson, Spencer Smith, Tim Watson
Produced for ASC games byRon Rivkin
Co-Produced byDavid J. Klein (credited as David Klein)
Original ConceptDavid J. Klein (credited as David Klein), Ron Rivkin
Artwork/PackagingFred Bratteson, Todd R. Emmerson (credited as Todd Emmerson), Anne Sommers
Associate ProducerPaul S. Lindsay
Manual & Special ThanksJayson Bernstein, Todd R. Emmerson (credited as Todd Emmerson), Anne Sommers, Kelly McAllen, Brent Disborow, Jason Gomez, Steve Grossman, David J. Klein (credited as David Klein), Bill Kosovitich (credited as Bill Kosovitch), Luciano Manente, Marcello Praino, Jill Price, Howard Schwartz
ManualMatthew Simons, Michael Masone, Mark Alan Miller, Ron Rivkin
Lead AnalystOswald Greene Jr.
TestersMick Devitt, Oswald Greene Jr., CGS, Mike D'Amico, Trevor Grossman
Special ThanksJay Smith, Travis Williams, Dean Wittig, Sharon Wood
Bowling Hall of Fame and MuseumGerald W. Baltz, John Dalzell, Raleigh G. Ragan

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (247465)