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Tokimeki Memorial Selection: Fujisaki Shiori Credits

6 people

Audio Booklet

Kaze to Issho ni Ikou (風と一緒に行こう), Words byAmi Ozaki (尾崎亜美)
Kaze to Issho ni Ikou (風と一緒に行こう), Music byAmi Ozaki (尾崎亜美)
Kaze to Issho ni Ikou (風と一緒に行こう), Arranged byMotohiro Tomita (富田素弘)
Kaze to Issho ni Ikou (風と一緒に行こう), Performed byMami Kingetsu
Oshiete Mr. Sky (教えてMr.Sky), Words byYukinojo Mori (森雪之丞)
Oshiete Mr. Sky (教えてMr.Sky), Music byKazuo Zaitsu (財津和夫)
Oshiete Mr. Sky (教えてMr.Sky), Arranged byTakayuki Negishi (根岸貴幸)
Oshiete Mr. Sky (教えてMr.Sky), Performed byMami Kingetsu

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (222907)