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Tokimeki Memorial Selection: Fujisaki Shiori Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Main title
Main menu
Music clips
"Oshiete Mr. Sky" music clip, opening title
"Oshiete Mr. Sky" music clip, tree scene
"Oshiete Mr. Sky" music clip, Shiori dancing under the sky
"Oshiete Mr. Sky" music clip, studio recording scene
"Kaze to Issho ni Yukou" music clip, opening title
"Kaze to Issho ni Yukou" music clip, beach scene
"Kaze to Issho ni Yukou" music clip, passing through town
"Kaze to Issho ni Yukou" music clip, road next to the sea
"Kaze to Issho ni Yukou" music clip, under the setting sun
Date special visual novels
Spring date story
Talking to Shiori under the Sakura tree
On a date in an Italian restaurant
Summer date story
Select a swimsuit for Shiori
Shiori is showing you the swimsuit you selected for her
On the beach with Shiori
Autumn date story
Studying together in the library
On the way home from the library
Winter date story
Lots of dialogue selection choices on the dates
Rock-paper-scissors mini game
Mini-game menu
Mini-game gameplay controls
Paper beats rock
Select the side where Shiori should look
I looked at the wrong side from where she pointed at, lost one point for that
Shiori won the game
Portrait collection gallery
Shiori in her school uniform
Shiori dressed as a gym teacher
Shiori as a tennis player
Shiori at the swimming pool
Shiori as a basketball player
Shiori as a business lady
Shiori dressed casually
Shiori in her swimsuit at the beach
Shiori at the ski resort
Shiori in a Christmas mood
Shiori wearing a kimono for the festival
Shiori as a housewife
Shiori as a gym teacher, summer edition
Voice collection