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Virtual Hydlide Credits

17 people


Game DesignTokihiro Naito
DirectionsTokihiro Naito
ManagementsTokihiro Naito
Maincode ProgrammingKentaro Nishiwaki
Code ManagementsKentaro Nishiwaki
Special Visual EffectsToyokazu Hattori
Equipments ModelingToyokazu Hattori
PhotographyToyokazu Hattori
Monsters ModelingYoshinori Kiritani
3D RenderingYoshinori Kiritani
Special Sound EffectsYumi Satake
Music ComposeYumi Satake
Map Editor ProgrammingShinsuke Miyamoto
Subcode ProgrammingShinsuke Miyamoto, Hideaki Kazaoka
Stage Create SuperviseKatsuhisa Ota
Video Stream SuperviseMichihiko Matsui
Stage LayoutsKazuhiko Ogawa
Assistant Ground LayoutsHisashi Shimada
Visual Data ManagementsKen Mizuno
Texture and Object CreateKen Mizuno
Assistant Visual Data EditingNorie Suzuki
Object Editor ProgrammingKatsuya Mizuta
Tools Assistant ProgrammingKatsuya Mizuta
The Supplier for PhotoPPS
A Game byTokihiro Naito
Produced byT&E SOFT
Presented bySEGA

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Credits for this game were contributed by 雷堂嬢太朗 -raido.jotaro- (60674)

antstream tournament