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WipEout Screenshots (SEGA Saturn)

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

An intro shot.
Title screen
Team selection screen.
A track-specific loading screen.
The first track is incredibly easy.
This banner bears a very grammatically incorrect Russian translation of "Slime Creatures"
Some nifty commie murals on sides of Russian buildings.
Entering a tunnel.
Along with some real advertisements the game features other, not-so-real ones.
Someone is about to get a face full of homing missile.
This race is going pretty well - I'm in third position with a whole lap still ahead.
This spiraling descent has since became a staple Wipeout moment.
In graphics department the Saturn Wipeout can easily hold its own against the PC and PS1 versions.
About to catch some air (or fall to my doom).
The track scenery is pretty impressive for a 1995 game.
More impressive scenery.
Going into yet another tunnel.
Ohh, look - an ad for Krazy Ivan - another Psygnosis game.
Deploying the awesome shield powerup.
Woohoo! I'm first! Unlike the second installment Wipeout allows you to select a pilot.
Each track has its own high-score table.