Sensible World of Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting a career game
Selecting continent
Selecting team to play and manage
Welcome message from club chairman
Reviewing the squad
Table before the first match
Choosing tactics for first match
Kick Off!
A "throw in" for the opponent
A free kick for the opponent
Half-time: Game stats
2nd half: receiving a yellow card
The match is over (0:0)
Hungarian table after 1st match day
Reviewing the current top goal scorers
Getting some new players on the foreign transfer market

DOS version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Here are the types of teams available. Don't forget you can make your own teams.
Here are the teams available in Europe.
Of course I'm playing as Turkey.
There's some really crazy custom teams already included in the game such as this one based on The Bible!
Editing a team's tactics.
Each country also has teams from which you can choose to play a season with.
Now I get to go and play in the Turkish League.
Norway vs Georgia - teams
Friendly match
Poland vs Georgia - teams
Teams on football field
Run with ball
Attack on rival