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Sepia Tears Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu. Going for an emo look, maybe.
Options menu. Nothing much, can't even change the resolution.
Here we have our first 'sepia moment'.
Backgrounds aren't very detailed...
But the hand coloring is something to behold.
Quite a few of these 'funny moments' to pick up.
Our main character seems to make females glow.
Is this an RPG lesson...
The depth of field is well done here.
The occasional close-up.
Looks like a journal entry of sorts.
Never actually tried it.
The sky kinda looks like a Monet painting.
Interesting pose.
They mention a door when all you see is stairs...
Let's hope this isn't another game with suicidal tendencies.
Indeed. It looks like someone stopped... DRAWING HER FACE.
... Now her eyes look much more realistic.
Funny how weather changes so easily in this game.
I'm more worried about that thing in her hand.
If you say so.
One of the VERY FEW choices in this game! Enjoy!
That's what all losers say. Not that I know.
I wonder where it'll take us though... Always associated trains with the afterlife...
It's interesting how other human characters in the background are portrayed more realistically.
Which certainly can't be said for these two.
Starbucks! Isn't this like... illegal...
Now it looks like Autumn. Seasons keep changing!
Train station background, I guess.
You BET it is... for old creepy men.
Who doesn't just love hot cocoa.
Yeah... you really shouldn't. You're too young for it.
Mark sure knows how to make a girl FLOURISH.
Holy crap, that looks just like my little niece's room.
This game does know how to connect with the player by being all warm and fuzzy.
Way too much drama in the dialogue sometimes.
But there's also some comedic episodes, so I guess it balances out in the end.
There is quite some significance to this small trinket.
Maybe you should, though. Mysteries are meant to be solved.
The portrayal of the city is indeed a lot more mature than the rest of the content.
Oh, there is a pretty bad 'Docinho' where I come from. (that's how you say 'Sweet' in Portuguese).
It's interesting that they keep these spread throughout, it gives the emotional tone a rest.
Such a sentence couldn't more true in this game.
Probably the only choice that you THINK matters.
But making a girl cry is never a good thing.
Finally, more use of the color the game is named after.
Such a beautiful night, stop being so negative Mark.
Each of us is bound to his or her fate.
Now that's more like it. Tears of joy.
An extra starting menu. Much livelier.

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