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Many years ago, the sorcerer Salorann, evil brother of the Royal Mage Ophiuchus, tried to take over the kingdom of Xanaria, then ruled by King Ethor III, by forming an alliance with Stolm, the King of Dragons. Ophiuchus had foreseen this event, and prepared a magical staff named the SerpentScepter to defeat Salorann. He was successful in vanquishing the Dark Sorcerer and his army of dragons after their nine-day attack on Castle Serpenthead, from where Ethor ruled the land, but could not bring himself to kill his brother, who promptly escaped. Afterwards, concerned that the great power of the Scepter might fall into the wrong hands, Ophiuchus disassembled it and hid its parts in the ruins of Castle IronGate.

During the reign of Ethor V, Cendric, the new Royal Mage, was able to foresee Salorann's return. He retrieved the parts of the SerpentScepter, and had just finished assembling the magical staff at Castle Serpenthead, when Salorann appeared and attacked him. The Scepter flew from Cendric's hands, but before the Dark Sorcerer could take hold of it, Cendric quickly cast a special spell to hide the staff in the castle. Enraged, Salorann murdered Cendric and the entire royal family.

Today, Salorann rules Xanaria, and its people live in fear. Many have ventured into Castle Serpenthead to retrieve the Scepter and defeat the sorcerer, but none have returned. While Salorann has cast a spell that prevents anyone from bringing weapons and shields into the castle, adventurers are free to enter it. Salorann hopes they will find the Scepter, after which he will kill them and steal the staff for himself. You are Sir Mharim, and your goal is to succeed where others have failed: find the SerpentScepter and defeat Salorann!

SerpentHead is a first-person adventure game. As Sir Mharim, you must navigate the castle, retrieving objects and using them to solve puzzles and overcome diverse obstacles and traps. The game uses a verb-based interface. Movement is node-based, with each room being rendered from a single, fixed perspective. A scoring system keeps track of your progress throughout the game.


SerpentHead DOS From the introduction: Castle SerpentHead under attack from Salorann and his army of dragons.
SerpentHead DOS From the introduction: Salorann attacks Cendric just after he has finished assembling the SerpentScepter.
SerpentHead DOS The study.
SerpentHead DOS You dare not take a step in this room without any light.

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Hint Book

For US$5 (plus US$1 for shipping), players could purchase the SerpentHead Hint Book, containing a full walkthrough of the game. As a little gag, the Hint Book is also physically present inside the game, but unfortunately, its pages are "worn and illegible". The purple-colored book is in the library room on the second floor of the castle, in the cubicle on the fourth row and third column of the bookshelf, counting from the upper left.
Sefton Gillis (61) added SerpentHead (DOS) on Feb 13, 2020