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The Seven Cities of Gold Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Beginning the game outside the palace.
At the outfitters
Boarding your ship.
You are now leaving the old world.
Sailing the open seas.
An Aztec city
A brave new world!
Meeting with an Aztec chief.
Trading with the natives.
Traveling down a river near jungle.
Hi, I'm from Europe. Where's the gold?
Discovered in the new world map.
You found a gold mine!
An island
Deep in the mountains
From the title screen
Create a whole new world with the world maker.
The beginning
The map copier
Choose your level of play.
The court loans you 2000 gold to start off with.
In front of your house

Apple II version

Title Screen
Start in town
The King loans you some dough
Have drink (and save your game) at the pub
Leaving the world as you know it
Off sailing the the unknown ocean
New world discovered!
Leave an expedition to explore
Attacked by natives!

Atari 8-bit version

An animated hand writes out the title.
Title screen
In the beginning, you inserted a map disk...
Now you have to select the level of difficulty to play at.
The King will see you, now...
Your stats.
Setting off for the docks.
And we go forth from the old world for the glory of Spain!
Sailing through a storm.
Wait! What is this?
Land ho!
We have met a farming tribe.
We have returned home to Spain, victoriously.

Commodore 64 version

Title written with quill pen.
Title screen
The beginning... Start a new quest or resume an old one.
The world maker is making a new map.
Starting town in Europe
Outfitting the expedition
Heading for the boat
Expedition on its way
Discovering the new world!
Encountering the native tribes
Beginning a new game
Starting outside the palace
At the outfitters...
Boarding your ship...
Sailing the open seas
The court loans you 2000 gold to start your first voyage.
Arrival at the court.
At home you can check what you discovered so far. Right now the map is empty.
A new day.
Leaving the Old World.
On foot.
Native chief.
Trading with the natives.
Gold mine found.
Heading down a river.
Fighting natives.
Conquered a village.
Setting up a fort.

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
gameplay screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title Screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Leaving the Old World. (CGA with composite monitor)
In Europe. (CGA with composite monitor)
A New Day. (CGA with composite monitor)
In a native village. (CGA with composite monitor)
Exploring the New World. (CGA with composite monitor)
Near your ship. (CGA with composite monitor)
Returning Home. (CGA with composite monitor)
At sea. (CGA with composite monitor)
Overhead map. (CGA with composite monitor)