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Back of the box:
    Championship Lode Runner by Doug Smith

    o The world's 50 most challenging levels.

    o Special screen titles for each completed level.

    o Chance to earn a special Lode Runner Champion certificate.

    "So you thought you could retire to a peaceful life in the country after your last lode-running adventure eh? Well, forget it, Ace. You just unretired. We need you. Your planet needs you. And we know you can't resist a good challenge.

    "You know all that stolen gold you recovered from the Bungeling Empire? Bad news. They've stolen it back and stashed it away in 50 of the most elaborate, complex, heavily defended Treasury Chambers you'll ever encounter. The Empire has enormous respect for your lode-running abilities, and they've taken great pains to make sure you don't embarrass them again.

    "It's your job to find every last ingot of stolen gold, to prevent the Empire from financing their cruel scheme for galactic conquest. Only a Galactic Commando of your incredible skill and experience could even dare attempt such a mission.

    "Merciless Bungeling guards will stalk you, surround you, relentlessly hunt you down through fiendishly tricky labyrinths. Blind alleys and dead ends confront you at every turn. Bottomless pits wait to swallow you up. It's not a pretty sight.

    "Piece of cake, you say?

    "Well perhaps we should tell you: The Bungeling engineer who designed these chilling chambers went in for a little test run...and never came out.

    "We don't really expect you to succeed, either. But we know you're going to try.

    "Isn't that right, Ace?"

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1735) on Jun 08, 2001.