Shadow of Destiny Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu (EXTRA option appears after finishing the game once)
Intro opening makes a nice combination of 3D that looks pencil-drawn effect.
Eike Kusch, game's protagonist.
Hopping arrow above the door will iondicate whether you may currently enter (or try to) some building.
Every action such as chit-chat will take a very precious time you do not have, so spend it wisely.
When inside a building, you can use first-person perspective to closely examine certain... ahem, cakes.
Green glowing objects are the main thing you collect throughout the game, and allow you to travel through time.
Since time is of the essence in this game, be always on the run.
If you ever get lost, check out the map. Note that map will be different if you're in different timelines.
Different time means different lighting effects, different years, different people, but same town.
Talk to the fortuneteller to find out the time you'll die next in.
Winter climate... and early 20th century.
First time you get whipped a few centuries back to the past it may be a surprise, but after twenty such jumps, you get used to it.
Coming from the future may create a love-strike in a native women's hearts, choose your answers wisely.
Talking to Hugo... a boy that believes you come from the future. Huh, is that just a harmless fantasy, or can it turn into something vile and dangerous?
Browsing through your inventory.
When you encounter cinematic you previously saw, you will, but only then, be able to skip it.
Searching for some clues in 1st-person perspective.
What for you may appear as the same day, for some may be four long years.
Game has several different endings, and some of your answers may interfere with courses of the plot.

PSP version

Main Menu

Windows version

Title Screen.
Establishing Shot
Our Hero Eike (pronounced ike).
The PC version of the game runs at a maximum 800x600 resolution.
The credits scroll through in game cinematics.
You get killed before you even get to do anything. Here you are in limbo.
The game features detailed interiors,
memorable NPC's,
as well as the best looking pasta in any game ever made.
Product placement for Movado watches.
Your ingame screen after about 10 minutes of in game cinematics. Finally you get to do stuff!
You can talk to a few NPC's and they usually have a few things to say and have important clues.
Running to the Town Hall
Interiors of Town Hall
The game contains you in the selected border with the use of wild dogs blocking your way.
Entering the Fortune Teller's house. Notice the creepy hidden pictures in the wallpaper.
The Fortune Teller.
She will tell you when you'll die and will also give you clues as to how to survive.
The game is full of memorable quotes.
You even get to travel through time. Here's Eike in the past.
er... That's not what it looks like. I dropped something.