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Shadow of the Beast II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo Psygnosis
Company logo Reflections
Title screen
Introduction scene #1
Introduction scene #2
Eliminating the first guard
Oops, game over

Atari ST version

Title screen.
House (from intro)
Something breaking house's roof.
Game starts here.
Your money is no good here.
Enemy flying with bug.
Climbing a rope.
Big red monster.
Killing monster with my chainball.
Jumped down waterfall.
Against an enemy with a sword.
At old man's house.
Enemies with a shield.
What kind of enemy is this? Looks like something from R-type.
Gremlins throwing cherry bombs?
These fishes look hungry.
Somebody needs my help.
Under attack.
Watch out for green blobs.
Whisper the password.
Yours is longer than mine :)
Found a treasure.
Outside karamoon oasis.
Inside karamoon oasis.
Enemy trying to stop you.
Another trap.
Tight spot.
Playing with switches.

FM Towns version

Title screen
by Tim Ansell
More intro, baby snatching
Koochie koochie koo!
Main menu
Start of the game
Halt stranger! Not only text but also spoken dialogue, in Japanese, of course
Hey, you don't have to yell, I'm standing right here
The Sega CD game is a downgraded port of this FM Towns version, so for one - the door opening FMV cutscenes are better quality here
Karamoon Oasis
Unlike in the Amiga original where you had to type keywords, here you're presented with dialogue choices
Wet and Dead

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
You start the game behind the tree
Crossing a bridge with crazy leaping fish
Trying to get down through the branches and nasty monsters
Is this a deadly green weapon in your pocket or are you really glad to see me?
Expressive game over screen
On the bridge, trying to avoid those weird flying things
Swimming... or walking through water, to be exact
This guy makes a skeleton out of me in no time

SEGA CD version

Intro Title
Main Title
The intro appears to be identical to the Amiga version.
Yikes, this is creepy.
There is trouble in the forest...
Save this guy and he sends you on a quest.
Visit this area to to activate a bridge?
This version has a bunch of crappy "door opening" FMVs.
Rock Lifting Puzzle
Fighting Ishran
Buy some grog from the inn.
Chit-chat with Barloom
Wow! Let's watch this door open!
Visit the Goblin Cave