Shadow of the Beast III Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Level selection screen (a demo is running in the background).
Loading screen
The first level is the Forest of Zeakros.
Killing a baddie with my shurikans.
I place this meat under the trap...
A horrifying monster is chasing me, I will lead it to the trap!
One less monster to worry about!
This is the boss you must face to finish the first level. He is easily killed.
The second level is the Fort Dourmoor.
"Wrong Way!", the game tell us.
He throws a barrel at me, and it hits me in the face!
I hope this is a statue...
You will run into many complicated puzzles.
This hideous creature hits me with his spiked ball!
Skeletons throwing their own heads at me.
Trying to help a bird in distress.
After helping the bird, it lets me ride on its back.