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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jan, 2000)
Bottom line: if you are in the category of gamers that liked the KF series then you may well enjoy Shadow Tower. I recommend a rental to get your feet wet and if it appeals to you pick it up…it is a nice long game if you like this sort of thing.
PlayStationPlaystation Illustrated (1999)
I like this game, but the graphics quality is absolutely inexcusable, and because of that, Shadow Tower had to be docked. Some more improvements in the game engine would have been welcome as well. All in all, though, Shadow Tower is a rather fun little RPG, if you're into its style of gaming -- definitely try before you buy. If you can find either King's Field or King's Field II, though, by the same developer (From Software), get those instead. They're uniformly better games.
PlayStationPSX Nation (Nov 20, 1999)
Shadow Tower would have fared well in 1998, instead the game is released late in 1999 and among the largest stream of PlayStation games to date. It will likely be forgotten and deservedly so. The game suffers from bad design and implementation, not bad ideas. If you were a fan of the Kings Field series, give this one a whirl. Otherwise stay far away from this one as all it will cause is frustration.
PlayStationNowGamer (Jun 25, 1998)
RPGs have transcended everyone’s expectations in the past years and for this to compete it needed to be something very special. Unfortunately it’s an virtual equivalent of a rainy school-trip around some stinking old castle. There’ll probably be a gift-shop at the end with postcards and novelty paper-weights too.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 15, 1999)
Shadow Tower is a blend of King's Field and more actioney RPGs like Diablo - a mix that only ends up bringing frustration rather than a sense of adventure. The game was released over a year ago in Japan, and it shows; it looks extremely outdated when compared with current PlayStation games. If you are a hard-core fan of the King's Field series, you may want to give this one a try. But others will just be wasting their time.
PlayStationGaming Age (1999)
There are a couple neat features found in Shadow Tower, like the monster encyclopedia that is updated every time you encounter a new foe, but for the most part it is a piss poor effort that not even fans of the genre need to try out. FromSoftware is bringing this type of game to the PlayStation 2, though hopefully they will find their mistakes and fix them for the next generation.