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ShadowCaster Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Title Screen (CD version)
Intro Sequence (CD version)
Intro Sequence
Fighting from the get-go
Your forms and their inventory
Zardaz, your final enemy
Touring the city
Ack! Giant Plant!
No self-respecting fantasy would be complete without reanimated skeletons!
As if the risk of drowning wasn't enough... piranhas!
I almost expected those tiny Blemids to chant "yub-nub"...
Maybe I could sneak past those snakes?
A sinister ritual (CD version cutscene)
A cell in the castle dungeon.
Werewolf versus Maorin
Lavishly ornamented castle throne room. Also infested by levitating, magic-spitting Monitors.
Slaves in the mines, temples of doom...
Be quiet in the library!
This spider-infested level is a nightmare fuel!
Doesn't that look like shores of hell? Lava Man versus Ssair.
All your forms. You'd better like inventory micromanagement...
As if it wasn't creepy enough, they move! (remember such wall in Doom?)
The fearsome Flying Skulls can hurt even the mighty Grost (CD version extra level)