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Shadowgate Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Strange eyes in the entrance hallway
Exploring a stone passage
Found a trap door in the pedestal room...
...which leads to death! Game over!

Atari ST version

The kind of venture varies depending on the platform it's running on.
Title screen
Starting location
Easy there!
Beware the light daemon!
In the dark! I hope a grue doesn't eat me.
Top center kindly lets you know that there's more text to be read.
A sinister magical message
Detailed descriptions of in-room objects
Attempting to converse with the brightest bulbs in the room
In-game pull-down menus
Inventory management
Early GUI!

DOS version

Opening screen
The beginning

Macintosh version

First area
Title screen
Credits screen

NES version

Starting the game
What odd behavior for such a brave warrior!
Well, first "puzzle" solved...
Stepping inside...
A book?
Symmetrical hallway
Trap door
Eww, what a place...
Adventure is over
Useful items
Nice scenery...
Beautiful waterfall
This is how the hallway looks when I entered it...
...and this is how it looks after I've fiddled with the coffins!
Mirror room
So, where might the hidden passage be?
Two bridges. Which one to take?
Epor? Epor!

Windows 3.x version

Starting point of game
Entrance Hall
Long corridor
Oh oh! Shouldn't have done that!
Thou Art Dead!
Wonder if I can get up there?
Another Corridor
How do I get the key across shark-invested waters
A waterfall and a landslide
Strange lock on that door