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Shanghai: Triple-Threat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen (English version)
Japanese title screen
Game modes (English version)
Starting stage 1 (Classic Shanghai mode)
Classic Shanghai mode with the first tile set
Great Wall mode with the second tile set (Japanese version)
Beijing mode with the third tile set
Top 5 rank in Classic Shanghai
Two player mode

PC-FX version

Title screen
Options menu
Choosing your game variant
Let's begin!
Moving on the Great Wall, how cool! But I was there in person :)
2-player mode
Great Wall variant. The board has a big hole in this one :)
Beijing variant looks like the easiest one. Flat board, and some tiles get removed automatically
Nice pictures!
In Qingdao variant, the board is split. They also make good beer in Qingdao (Tsingtao) :)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Configuration menu
Original mode
In original mode you can press ESC key and bring up the options menu, here you can change not only cursor and tile set but also background, layout and other things
4 game variants in Arcade mode
Classic Shanghai mode with Mah-Jongg tiles and Hand cursor
Complete a stage and the background picture will be shown
Classic Shanghai ranking
Great Wall mode, click Help and all possible matches currently will be highlighted
After completing a stage a password for the next one will be shown
Beijing mode with Music tiles and Wand cursor
Golden Tile vs mode with Zodiac tiles and Pointer cursor

SNES version

Title screen
Original mode
Various BGMs to choose from.
Four game variants in Arcade mode: Classic Shanghai (top left), Great Wall (top right), Beijing (bottom left) and two player (bottom right)
Let's start the Great Wall
Great Wall variant
Beijing variant
Classic Shanghai variant
Game Over screen
Two player mode