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Shangrlia Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro: strolling with Natsumi
We saw a strange castle...
This is Fermata, the court magician. What's next? Ritardando the jester?
The ongoing battle in Hyunckel
You can access all the female generals in any order from this castle
Well, hello there! Let's... do battle!
Ai is the commander of swordsmen. Let's position them
Swordsmen defend the city against invading dragon riders
The obligatory cute character with prepubescent hair style...
...but apparently post-pubescent... err... other things
This map has bridges connecting land areas
The tough-looking commander greets you...
...and shows you some... err... stuff if you win battles for her
This map has simple geometry, lots of rivers, and enemies cluttered in the corner. Let's put some cannoneers for protection
Enemy ninjas throw shurikens on our lancers
Nice colors everywhere...
...and they look even nicer now
One of the mixed rural-urban maps
Our magicians defend the city from enemy swordsmen. Their commander looks really disgusting
This is a battle of birds! In an open field, enemy's giant birds defeat ours...
Here you can review the scenes with each general
Note the animation. The Fighter class here means fighting with axes - and that's what we do
The mighty leader of the Dragon Riders... a somewhat compromissing situation
This map is tough. One little mistake can lead to total defeat
Our ninjas vs. enemy magicians
Battle in a town square. Our dragon riders against enemy archers. Note their ugly commander...
Dragon riders can attack from water. Sadly, I haven't thought about that - they massacred my entire archer unit as a result
The obligatory "innocent-cute" girl...
...isn't that innocent any more, I guess
Rural battle. Plenty of empty space, tactical possibilities...
Half-half screen. Enemy fighters against our swordsmen
The commander of our fighters looks preoccupied
I see red everywhere
Look Ma, no hands!..
They have occupied our city! Intense battle between our horsemen and enemy ninjas
In the open field, we repel the ninjas with cannons
This map has some twisted streets
This map has an over-abundance of bridges. I don't even know where to start...

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
A mysterious cat...
...leads us to a mysterious dude
The war at Hyunckel
You can access all the battles from this castle
All the generals together
You make acquaintance with the girls
The leader of the fighters is rather timid
One of the simpler scenarios. Open space, reduced enemy forc
Can you lead us to battle with such hair style?..
Our cannons hit enemy horsemen with their ridiculous mime-like leader
The ninjas take care of these fighters
Placing units is important. Let's go with dragon riders here
She looks smart. She commands archers, too
This area has bridges and therefore tighter space for manoeuvring
Battle of the birds! Duking it out near a town
Our archers attack enemy dragon riders in the water
Can you believe that this modern-looking girl is the leader of the ninjas?..
Stony scenario with islands
Mages vs. cannoneers
Initiating our turn. Movement range
She has purple hair, and yet she leads the fire dragon riders
Hmm, maybe ninjas would help here?..
Our horsemen vs. enemy magicians
A forest scenario
A lonely lancer against a pack of enemy ninjas!
That's a lot of red. Fitting for the general of the cannoneers, too
This one is hard. A mistake is fatal
Another tough scenario. Check out all their birds...