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Shaq Fu Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title (AGA version)
Before you start you can see previous of the enemies you'll face.
Shaq has no idea what's to come...
The old man sends him on a quest.
The map screen lets you pick your next opponent.
This guys no help on the quest, he just wants to fight!
The main game is one on one fighting in the manner of Street Fighter.
Double knock out means no one wins the round!
Defeated this guy.
Arrogant even in the face of defeat.
This old guy doesn't look very tough...
But he has powerful magic that defeats Shaq.
You can continue a few times if you are defeated.
Entering a high score.
Shaq's special move, the Shaq-uriken is revealed.
Game options
Setting up a tournament
The tournament ladder
Shaq vs Shaq!
Shaq gives Shaq a work out.
You can play as any of the enemies from story mode during a tournament.
Another tournament round.
Tournament results. Shaq wins!

Game Boy version

Title screen
Main menu
Two non-Shaq characters.
The undead are good at jumping it seems.
Distance attack.
Dear lord! Can such a thing be!?
Shaq vs. The Amazon
An Amazonian wararang.
Shaq's mighty kick...
... brings defeat.
Score for the match.
She looks a bit beat up...
Monster leaps in a clumsy, but effective, way.
Shaq no like monster.
So it begins..
Shake Vs. Cat Woman
She has quite a gymnastic leap.
Shake in India.
The necromancer uses his shield
The amazon also has a shield, although less flashy.
Monster seems to be from China, the plateau of Leng perhaps?
The ultimate evil Sett!
Shaq give a taunt.
Sett give a kick.
Set makes like a mummy for his victory.
Sett's sad face, this bad boy doesn't like to lose.
Shame on you Sett.
It was well worth it.

Game Gear version

Title screen

Genesis version

Title screen
Duel mode
Fighting at the North Gate
You are knocked out...
Teasing continue screen
Near the castle wall, Shaq is about to fight
Nice violet level!
The little guy is called Leotsu... maybe it is Laozi, the great Chinese philosopher?
Story mode: intro
Hey, that's too much honor for me. I have lously free throw percentage
Shaq on the maq... on the map, I mean
Shaq in a mysterious jungle. Harder than beating the crap out of Philadelphia 76-ers, eh?
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!
You gain bonus when you win
I don't need such a thing to break a basket with a slam dunk!
Eerie gargoyle castle at night
Tournament mode
Fighting near waterfalls
Same scenario, another time of the day...
...and also at night
High scores

SNES version

Title screen
Select a fighter.
Matchup screen
Start of a fight
Jumping in the air.
Lost a round.
But won the match.
Bonus points
Another fighter
Map screen
Trash talking before a match.
Choose characters for a tournament.
Tournament matchups
Throwing a punch.
The game lets you pause during a fight.
I heard of cat-fighting before, but this is ridiculous.
Tournament results
Continue screen
Game over