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Sharkey's 3D Pool Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

An intro animation – this is what passed for full motion video back then
Place the cue-ball
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Amstrad CPC version

Tournament draw
Main menu
The cue ball is shot towards the racked balls.
The racked balls are broke.
Because Fast Freddy scratched, the Catford Kid gets a free ball.
The Catford Kid is thinking.
Fast Freddy wins and the game returns to the main menu.

Atari ST version

Tournament draw
Game start
The break hits the pack
The CPU lines a shot up
I'm left with a tricky position
A thin one into the middle
Now one into the bottom corner
Not sure if this is pottable
Game Over
Free table
A different viewing angle

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Tournament draw
Shot the cue ball towards the racked balls.
The racked balls have broke.
Maltese Joe won and the game returns to the main menu.

DOS version

3D View
Bird Eye View
3D View - Another Angle
Trick Shot Menu

MSX version

Tournament draw
Main menu
Set the cue ball.
Looking at the table from a different angle.

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
The game's title screen is displayed very briefly
Then the game pairs up the players for a tournament
The game is about to start. Here Player One vs The Catford Kid.
The game is about to start, in this game Player One is playing Mighty Mike
The colour of the table can be changed with the 'C' key. the options are green, blue, white or yellow. The colour of the background can be changed with the 'V' key
The table can be rotated with the X & Z keys. This is the players view of the shot and determines the direction the cue ball will travel
The K & M keys alter the viewing angle so that the player can judge the shot better
The I and O keys zoom in and out, this view is as fat out as the zoom goes
Once Player One breaks, the 'D' disappears. Here nothing was potted on the first shot and the opposing player 'Mighty Mike' is thinking about his shot
Mike has potted something, as shown by the top of screen display, and is thinking about the second shot
Mike's second shot did not pot anything so Player One steps up to the table
First rotate the table to get a view of what shots are viable
A couple of balls later and Player One goes in-off. Mike's thinking again. Mike can take a long time to think - especially when there is no direct shot available