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Castlequest Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
First screen, need to get that map. Unlike in the Famicom/NES version, here the Knights don't shoot arrows at you
Also unlike the Famicom/NES version, the witch doesn't summon other enemies here
The dagger is exclusive to the Famicom/NES version, the only way to kill enemies here is to drop an object on them or get the elevator to crush them
Need to grab the Oxygen tanks to breathe underwater
The red and blue lines represent a force field, when it's shimmering you can walk on it, when it becomes stationary you will fall through it
Well, I found one fairy, now just need to figure out how to get there
Standing in the Power Light makes you invincible for a certain period of time
You can find yourself in unwinnable situations very easily in this game, like here I don't have the green key and there's no other way out