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The Demon Crystal Screenshots (Sharp X1)

User Screenshots

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Story of the Demon Crystal
Start of the game, first house. Taking out a spider with a bomb, their attack (the yellow web?) can't hurt you as long as you're facing them
The guy in the green hat doesn't have a projectile attack, he just walks around and climbs ladders
Picking up the big key will reveal the exit. At this point I can't harm the ghost patrolling below me
House 5, take the Fireproof Suit here, you will be able to pass through the flame of your bomb
The blue guy fires shurikens, needless to say - avoid them for now and kill them before they shoot those shurikens
House 9, don't take that treasure box here, unless you want to get rid of the fireproof suit that is
House 10, taking the Cross will allow you to kill the ghosts
House 15, taking the helmet will make you invulnerable to shurikens from the front
House 17, you really don't want to take this
The black bars aren't for censoring, they're hiding keys and also enemies, so be careful!
House 19, don't go near the fake Chris (you know, the princess you're supposed to be saving) in the middle of the top floor as she will warp you back to stages 5-9
House 20, get the sword, it's the only way to kill those green (Kappa?) things
House 25, take the real Demon Crystal here, otherwise you're screwed as stage 30 cannot be solved without it
House 26, two treasure chests - one adds ten bombs, the other makes you move half the speed. Pick wisely!
House 30 - last stage, time to save Chris. Only the Blue Crystal appears on its own after a certain time, the puzzle is figuring out how to make the other two appear
After you've picked up the red, green and blue crystals, the bad guy Sharudo shows up. He goes down after 5 bomb shots